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Can You Really Lose Weight Using Hypnosis? Experts Say YES!

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This is the logo of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Can You Really Lose Weight with the Help of Hypnosis?

If you are like me, all these tricks and confusing messages that people shove down your throat, about how to lose weight and stay healthy, really frustrate you. Read this, read that, Do this Do that, and boom! It’s a new you. We all know that’s not how life is.

Francesca (pseudonym) was born with a rare genetic condition that made her gain real weight. Doctors and various nutritional specialists tried all they could, to figure out what was happening with her, but they could not. Her parents had spent all their savings moving from hospital to hospital, specialist-to-specialist, healer to healer and church-to-church, seeking help. Nothing happened. No help came forth. She was getting worse and time was ticking. Many Doctors predicted her chances of living beyond her sixteenth birthday were very slim. Until, someone suggested that, she tries hypnotherapy.

What happened afterwards, is a totally different story. One can only describe it as a miracle. Francesca is alive and living a healthy lifestyle today. She lost almost 117 pounds, in a space of two years. You have seen her on one of the popular TV shows, but you cannot recognize her.

Hypnotherapy is a scientifically proven and accepted form of treatment that employs the techniques of hypnosis. Because little is known about it, the weird speculations and fears that people hold about it. Some preachers, in their ignorance, have vilified hypnotherapists as unchristian. Perhaps, it is because of the quack hypnotists who take advantage of the practice to mesmerize unsuspecting audiences.

However, modern science now approves of the science and even use it in calming children who are in pain, in intensive care.

In 1973, Dr. John Kappas, defined hypnotherapy as the practice that:

“Induces hypnotic state in a client to increase motivation or alter behavior patterns: Consults with the client to decide the nature of problem. Prepares client to enter hypnotic state by explaining how hypnosis works and what the client will experience. Tests subject to decide degree of physical and emotional suggestibility. Induces hypnotic state in client, using individualized methods and techniques of hypnosis based on interpretation of test results and analysis of client’s problem. May train client in self-hypnosis conditioning.”

According to the American Psychological Association, hypnosis is a cooperative interaction in which the client or participant acts on the suggestions of the hypnotist. Hypnotists are specialists trained in a special form of psychotherapy.

Some Areas Where Hypnosis Is Very Useful

  •  Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD)
  • Chronic pain conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis
  • Excessive fear and reduction of pain during childbirth
  • Dealing with addictions; such as alcohol and nicotine smoking
  • Symptoms of dementia
  • Addressing the symptoms of ADHD
  • Nausea and vomiting in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy
  • Pain during dental procedures
  • Elimination or reduction of skin conditions

Hypnotherapy, therefore, is a very useful science and can be your lifesaver. Since it uses the power of suggestion and the client makes his or her own decisions about their condition, it is no wonder many people find it a very effective method in dealing with their chronic addictions.

People who suffer from compulsive disorders such as overeating, over-exercising, etc, can greatly benefit from hypnotherapy. To be sure of the services, you can follow the federally recognized specialists and familiarize yourself with regulations.

This may just be your salvation to finally shade off those unwanted pounds, and take control of your life. For more information, visit Here for Special Downloads.

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